We aim to elevate regenerative
medicine to the next level!

The Target Cells team is developing a novel, research-grade, commercial stem cell binding assay that mimics the targeted delivery of human stem cells for tissue and organ repair, particularly for heart regeneration


Target Cells is a biotech start-up founded in 2023 by scientists from Poland and the USA specializing in stem cell research and cardiac regeneration. 

Our goal is the comprehensive development of regenerative medicine applications for targeted stem cell-based products for myocardial repair.

We aim to commercialize products which will enable the evaluation of the efficacy of targeted stem cell delivery to selected human tissues under in vitro assay conditions, thereby reducing the cost, time and number of animals used in animal testing and advancing the development of targeted regenerative therapies.

The solutions we propose are addressed to scientific institutions and commercial entities, and in the long run also to medical centers whose area of operation is regenerative medicine.


Małgorzata Czaplicka

Project Manager of TC Poland
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Ewa Zuba - Surma, PhD, DSc

Scientific director TC Poland
Expert on stem cells and R&D
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Catherine A. Phillips, PhD

Scientific consultant of TC Poland
Expert on stem cells
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Robin McWherter, CMRT

Scientific consultant of TC Poland
Expert in the development of clinical products and cell labeling
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Douglad D. Held, PhD

Scientific consultant of TC Poland
Expert on product development
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We are developing a plate-based assay that evaluates the ability of selected types of human stem cells to bind to cardiac tissue under in vitro conditions.

The project is part of the BRIdge Alpha program of the Polish National Center for Research and Development.. 

Completion of R&D is scheduled for December 2023, and commercialization of the test will take place in 2024.




Target Cells Sp. z o.o.
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