Robin McWherter, CMRT

Expert in the development of clinical products and cell labeling
Scientific consultant of TC Poland

Certified Medical Radiology Technician, radiation safety inspector, clinical researcher, nuclear pharmacy specialist. Director of Animal Affairs at the Jesse Brown VA Medical Center in Chicago and Administrator of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee. 

She possesses extensive experience in labeling cells with fluorescent tracers and in the development of clinical products based on animal models in vivo. In addition, for many years she successfully ran her own enterprises in the pharmaceutical and gastronomy industries. 

She played a key role as a nuclear pharmacy expert in preclinical and clinical research at Harrington Cancer Center and Texas Tech University Medical Center in Amarillo. She has participated in Phase I/II academic clinical trials for immunotherapy, which included in vivo transfer of isotope-labeled adoptive cytotoxic lymphocytes in patients with breast and ovarian cancer. She was responsible for culturing and radio-labeling cells, evaluating product safety, and coordinating all infusion administrations as well as image tests.

Co-founder and Director of Research Operations at TargaCell Corporation, she co-invented a non-invasive stem cell delivery technology for heart repair.

Privately, she enjoys gardening, swimming and cooking (her specialty is smoked ribs). In her spare time, she plays golf. She holds a private pilot’s license for single-engine airplanes.