Ewa Zuba-Surma, PhD, DSc

Scientific director TC Poland
Expert on stem cells and R&D

Professor of medical sciences in medical biology, academic lecturer, for more than twenty years affiliated with Jagiellonian University in Krakow. Head of the research group in the Department of Cell Biology at the Faculty of Biochemistry, Biophysics and Biotechnology at Jagiellonian University and head of the Laboratory of Stem Cell Biotechnology at the Lesser Poland Center for Biotechnology at Jagiellonian University.

She possesses extensive experience in the area of stem cell research, among others in translational research on their use in regenerative medicine and therapy, including heart tissue regeneration. She is an expert in the area of development of advanced medicinal products based on stem cells and their derivatives, including GMP standard. Manager of numerous scientific and implementation projects funded by FNP, NCBiR and NCN, including projects from the TEAM (FNP), STRATEGMED (NCBR), SONATA-BIS (NCN) SYMFONIA (NCN) and MAESTRO (NCN) programs. She collaborates with numerous research centers in Poland, Europe and the US, as well as with commercial entities interested in implementing new stem cell-based therapies. She is experienced in clinical trials with the use of ATMP products in the tissue repair on patients. 

She is an author of numerous patent applications and more than 100 publications in international journals, as well as over a dozen book chapters in the field of stem cells and tissue regeneration, particularly in cardiac regeneration. She has received numerous awards for her scientific achievements, including the Prime Minister’s Award for Habilitation, the L’Oréal Poland for Women and Science Award, and awards from the Rector of Jagiellonian University for scientific achievements and publications. 

Privately, she is fond of gardening flowers and mountain climbing. She is a member of one of Krakow’s choral music groups.